Brae Salmond, MA, LMHCA

I'm Brae Salmond (He/Him/His)

It has been my experience that the best type of therapy comes from helping others. Even when I am “down in the dumps”, I still go out of my way for people and listen to what they have going on. I saw my first therapist when my father died when I was 10 years old. I did not know what was going on, I just knew my mother told me to talk to her about how I have been feeling. That part was such a blur, because I did not know how to explain how I was feeling. Growing up, my family were one of those families who believed “Don’t tell anyone your business. Take it to God, pray about it, he will handle it”. So that was what I did. Even with that in mind, I felt like something was missing.

As I started to develop my identity, I noticed people would come to me because I was laid back and chill. People would be comfortable confiding in me because I was a great listener. I wanted to help alleviate people’s problems in their lives, but I did not know what steps I needed to take. My freshman year in college, I took my first psychology course. The desire that I saw from my teacher made me reconsider changing my major to psychology. During that time, I was dealing with depression and anxiety and some unresolved trauma. I told myself “if you want to be a counselor, you should start seeing one and unravel your issues”. So that is what I did. I was taught skills to help cope with my issues and to see how counseling works in first person.

I knew that training and professional studies would give me the proper knowledge and confidence to handle situations that dealt with heavy emotions. As my studies continued, learning about the different populations, I wanted to be a “super therapist” or as I called it “The Beyoncé of therapists “and help everyone! I knew I could not do that, so I went with the populations that interested me the most. This included helping people deal with trauma, anxiety, depression and the LGTBQ+ community.

My style of therapy is person-centered. This means that I see you as the “expert” in your life. I am active, collaborative and challenging in sessions. I utilize an eclectic style of interventions, which includes unconditional positive regard, empathy, reflections, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), MI (Motivational Interviewing). This helps you to develop a greater understanding of self, self-exploration, and improved self-concepts. As we begin developing a therapeutic relationship, we will collaborate and work together to transform your life.

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